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Weed-Friendly Date >

Weed-Friendly Date >

It’s no key that weed has become a lot more of a satisfactory social activity. Plus, with programs like High Maintenance and wide City and fancy weed dinners appearing, weed is finally benefiting from love that is mainstream.

According to OkCupid data, nearly 33% of OkCupid users said that their perfect partner is some body who smokes weed regularly, while over 56% are searching for an individual who smokes occasionally—meaning an important amount of daters are ok with occasionally smokin’ the reefer. That’s why we’ve assembled a group of marijuana enthusiasts and activists to generally share their finest baked recommendations that are date.

> Expert: Zac Maas, 2014’s Sexiest Male Budtender, Denver, CO

Every city that is major great (cheap) comedy shows nearly every evening associated with week. You’ve currently got the giggles — therefore go to a spot where people won’t stare you down for laughing, you freaks. A lot of these shows are in great regional pubs, breweries, and restaurants, which means that your cures for cottonmouth plus the munchies are close by. If you’re perhaps not the conversationalist that is best (or you’re just too much), don’t worry! Talking just isn’t permitted, and following the date, you are able to talk about the show. If it is 1st date, exactly what your date laughs at may also offer you a peek to their character.

Strain Suggestion: Any Haze or Diesel Cross.